Never Enough Time.

March 23, 2010

Just click on it.


March 20, 2010

Today was a lovely day.
I got up and awoke to slightly cooler surroundings.
Opened presents: Several magazines, Julie and Julia, Mimco goodies, a cupcake book and a sum of monies.
I went for a run, showered and went to see Alice and Wonderland with my Mum in Gold Class.
I enjoyed the movie, it was good – but not as good as I was expecting, though.
We did some things such as buy a bra, buy a pair of jeans, buy a pair of half price shorts.
Then went to Taro’s Ramen Cafe in the city – for Ramen.
We then went and got a clutch for my dinner on Saturday night.
Then we went to Metro Arts.
THEN. We went home.
I got home and ate some Carob treats and went for a nice big walk through St Lucia, nice and hilly.
After that we popped a bottle of Champagne and went out for Thai food.
I had a steaming mug of Chai and now I’m about ready for bed.

Tomorrow I’m getting wax and my hairs cut.
Friday I have a extended family dinner, Saturday I have my 21st (Party?), Sunday is sleep.
Then Friday week is Lady Gaga, and Saturday week is Aria.

This has turned into quite a big deal.
I’ll post more photos when I’m not so crazy tired.

Hair cut tomorrow, as I said. I’m thinking really quite, quite short.
I want something neato. And arty.
I also want my nose pierced again.

Stop Start

March 2, 2010

Marios Schwab

February 26, 2010

I love a bit of Prep.

Anna Sui

February 23, 2010

London Fashion Week is already here and I’m still looking at NY shows.

Any of this would be fine on my back.

I love the Russian theme mixed with the innocents of floaty dresses paired with a quirky layering and mix of prints.

I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more print clashing this winter.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

February 21, 2010


I’ve not been so ontop of Fashion Week as I’m starting my Fine Arts degree today, as well as taking Japanese and continuing on with my Bachelor of Arts.


I’m in LOVE with this collection!

School girl chic meets gothic minimalist.



February 19, 2010

MIA no longer. I’ve been in Melbourne, but have now returned to the world of blogging. Much overdue, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait. I guess a run down on my trip?

My friend and I got up way to early to function to make our 8am flight. The two hours passed quite slowly on Virgin with the lack of free entertainment. Stepping into the cooler air we got on a shuttle bus to the city and waked the few blocks to our hole in the wall hotel. Two beds; check, shower; check, toilet; check. Yup, that was about it. After unpacking we headed off to St Kilda as it was quite sunny. We sunbathed and saw some seals as well as doing a fair bit of walking around the main street. For dinner we went to Lyggon Street to a not so amazing (but budget friendly) Italian restaurant. The Queen Victoria Markets were on so we went and had a look around and were really shocked at just how awesome Melbourne in compared to Brisbane.

Wednesday we got up early and found Max Brenner for some chocolate coffee before heading off to the Melbourne Museum. Wow, I was kind of blown away. Gone are my preconceived ideas born from the school trips to the Brisbane museum. We spent quite a while there and I actually enjoyed it. After that we walked to Brunswick Street and said goodbye to most of my cash. Although all that was purchased was worth it. We shopped and shopped and shopped before heading to China Town to Shanghai Dumpling House for dinner where we gorged for $10 each.

Thursday we had a bit of a sight seeing day, Queen Victoria Markets, Federation Square, the Casino, Spenser Street Station, Hosia Lane and Melbourne Central. For dinner that night went to a little Thai restaurant where I had a steaming bowl of Tom Yum soup and afterwards we went to Cookie which was pretty interesting. I was kind of shocked by the surroundings but the drinks were delectable.

On Friday my family met up with us. Jen and I checked out Myer and David Jones before heading to Chapel Street. We went to Praham Markets and meet my Mum. We headed to Alannah Hill were I tried on what felt like a hundred dresses before finding the one for my party. A few hours later we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant and then walked Chapel St all the wall to Windsor where we all lost ourselves in the wondrous little vintage shops in which I wanted to spend all my money. Jumping in a cab we were off to Movida Aqui which was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Afterwards we headed out for a drink and returned to our hotel room at around 9pm. When we got home we noticed there was a massive fan in our room and the carpet was wet. So a room had leaked and flooded the floor. The hotel was fully booked so after some complaining on my mother’s behalf we got upgraded to another hotel to a studio room. Nwice.
Our last day, Saturday was spent doing last minute shopping in Melbourne Central, David Jones, Myer and Bourke Street Mall. We also went to GPO to buy some lovely chocolates for a friend. Afterwards we walked to my parents’ hotel and headed to Vue Bistro for lunch. Oh dear, another amazing meal. After lunch Jen and I headed off to just walk and walk. At seven a driver picked us up and took us to the airport and by midnight we were home, watching the Olympic Games. Trip over. Sad.

This week I’ve been at O-Week and getting my cake ready for my 21st. Today my Mum and I saw Valentine’s Day. Yeah, don’t bother. The first half was really bad, the second half improved though. I didn’t really get what was going on for half the time!
Uni next week! I’m nervous, excited… ready to work my arse off. I don’t think I’ve got anymore to say right about now (Thank goodness).

What Made Your Day.

February 4, 2010

I went and tried on my Louboutins.

Shopping in My Dreams.

February 2, 2010

I spent many a nights dreaming fashion filled dreams:

Main features below.

Fashion Gods. for this I would be forever greatful.

Spent the night with a friend watching Factory Girl and eating vegan Asian food.

Cherry and chai and time for bed!


January 29, 2010

I got my haircut! I had a bit of a panic mid cut because it just wasn’t coming out like the pictures, but after I said “Shorter, shorter, shorter” and they took that horrid black cape off I was quite happy. I know it wasn’t super short, but it was still quite a change. I’ve not restyled it yet, strangely I think it looks better the next day… when I do it. But don’t tell anyone. Okay! Photos! She just took my pony tail and chopped it off! And yay for horrid looking photos, it’s been raining here and is super humid.

The Before

Black current juice with ice is the perfect cooler on days like today!

I’ve got a stack of movies out. Revolutionary Road, The Women, The Pursuit of Happynesss, Ramen Girl, Hunting and Gatering, Japanese Story and Factory Girl and to go with it a nice big bowl of spicy chickpea stew. My IBS has been rather horrid the last couple of days, so I’ve not been feeling up to much at all. Wednesday night I was up all night with an upset stomach and last night I skipped my Japanese class to sleep, so things aren’t that wonderfuly interesting.

I will probably update on Sunday.